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Pawn Loans
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About Pawn Loans

An easy method of securing a loan, pawning has been around for centuries. When you pawn something, you put up personal objects of value as collateral against a loan. If you default or are unable to pay back the loan (plus interest and fees), your items will be surrendered to the pawnbroker.
Buckeye Pawn Shop acts as a full lending institution by offering cash loans on valuables of all kinds. If you are in a tight spot, our cash loans provide a quick, confidential solution. We process your loan in moments with no credit checks or other hassles. Pledges are held for three months, but they can be held longer if additional interest and storage fees are paid. We also retain the right to demand proper identification upon redemption.
Buckeye Pawn Shop is not held liable for loss or damage caused by an act of God, burglary, or another unforeseen casualty beyond the control of the pawnbroker. We cannot accept interest and storage payments in advance of their due date.
We can also purchase your items outright for cash if you do not wish to start a loan.

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    What Is A Pawn?

  • We Hold Your Item As Collateral And Loan You Cash In Return.
  • A Pawn Is Not Selling Your Item.
  • A Pawn Allows You To Extend The Loan By Making Payments.
  • A Pawn Allows You To Borrow CASH Today On Your Valuables Without Having To Sell Them.
  • A Pawn Allows You To Get Your Items Back After Paying Off Your Loan.
  • Failing To Pay Or Redeem Your Pawn Will Not Affect Your Credit Score In Any Way.

How Does A Pawn Work?

  • Bring In Your Item Of Value That You Own.
  • We Assess Your Item.
  • We Make You An Offer.
  • We Test Your Item.
  • We Input Your ID Info Into Our System.
  • We Generate A Pawn Contract.
  • We Hand You The Cash.
  • We Store Your Item Until You Pay Back The Loan Or Default.

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